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Precise climate control around the clock

Who We Are

ZeroCool is a dynamic division of RAE Corporation, specializing in innovative climate control solutions for indoor agriculture and other environments requiring precise temperature and humidity regulation. Born out of a desire to address the unique challenges faced by indoor growers, ZeroCool was established to provide cutting-edge HVACD (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Dehumidification) systems that not only meet but exceed the demands of modern indoor farming.

What We Offer

ZeroCool Systems is your partner in precision climate management, offering cutting-edge HVACD solutions tailored for the meticulous demands of indoor agriculture. Our systems deliver exact temperature and humidity control, ensuring optimal Vapor Pressure Deficit (VPD) across all plant life stages— during lights on or off mode.

Why We’re Different

In order to understand the needs of our customers, we became one of them. In 2020, we built our own state-of-the-art grow facility with each room type in it. This gives us the unique ability to constantly test and improve our equipment. If there is a better way to do something, we will find it, test it and implement it. We are able to take risks at our site prior to making upgrades to your equipment or software, all so we can better serve you.

Tell Us About Your Facility



We Aim to Provide +/-1°F Temperature Control


Designed for CO2 injection, actual CO2 supplied by others.


Controlling the Dewpoint Allows us to Maintain Precise Humidity Control, Unlike other Manufacturers that Control RH or Temp only


Quality Temperature & Humidity Control Deters the Growth and Spread of Mold, Pests and Diseases