ZeroCool Systems is a US-based company with roots in the climate control business for over 50 years and six years of experience developing equipment specifically for the cannabis market.

Our Story

In 2016, RAE Corporation got their first request to provide a climate control solution for a large marijuana grow facility in the state of Washington. Like always, they embraced the challenge and developed a split system which was sold under their Century Refrigeration brand. The product development team learned from the experience and started work on the “funny lettuce” project for indoor farming. At the time, medical marijuana was still not legal in Oklahoma so the company was proceeding with caution.

As the experts at RAE Corporation continued to learn about the unique needs of indoor growing, they made the decision to create a division devoted solely to the cannabis market. The equipment designs and applications changed with the goal to create a packaged unit for both temperature control and dehumidification.

By late 2018, medical marijuana was legal in several states including Oklahoma and recreational cannabis use was also growing in legality. The timing was perfect for the launch of the division specifically designed for indoor grow operations. ZeroCool Systems made its debut on Nov. 14, 2018 at the MJBizCon show in Las Vegas. Since that time, the demand for cannabis equipment has grown almost as fast as the plants themselves. Our equipment had evolved and we continue to learn how to best meet the needs of cannabis investors, growers and contractors.


RAE Corporation specializes in the design and production of engineered heating, cooling and refrigeration systems. Our corporate goal is to provide expertly designed cooling systems that meet the requirements of our most discerning customers. RAE Corporation manufactures products in five divisions: Technical Systems, Century Refrigeration, Refrigeration Systems, RAE Coils and ZeroCool Systems.

RAE Corporation has been family owned and operated for the entire existence of the company. It was through the vision of six founders that RAE Corporation became a reality in 1971.

The privately-held company has been dedicated to manufacturing compressorized equipment and heat transfer coils for the HVAC, refrigeration and industrial markets.


For over 50 years, we have maintained a founding commitment to our customers and created a Vision for our company striving to achieve Excellence in Our People, Relationships and Products.


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