ZeroCool Systems is a US-based company with roots in the climate control business for over 50 years and 8 years of experience developing equipment specifically for controlled environment agriculture.

Our Story

The ZeroCool story unfolds with the pioneering spirit of RAE Corporation, which, in 2016, embraced the challenge of designing a sophisticated climate control system tailored for a large-scale marijuana facility in Washington. This initial foray marked our debut in precision environment management under the Century Refrigeration brand, setting the stage for a broader mission.

In 2018, as the legal landscape shifted and the potential for indoor agriculture technology grew, ZeroCool emerged from RAE Corporation’s commitment to excellence and innovation. Officially debuting at the MJBizCon show in Las Vegas in 2018, we quickly became known for our superior cannabis cultivation climate solutions. But the vision of ZeroCool was never just about cannabis; it was about redefining precision agriculture in every indoor environment.

As we continue to expand our expertise and refine our technology, ZeroCool stands not merely as a cannabis HVACD provider but as a versatile indoor agriculture brand. Our advanced systems now support a variety of crops and settings, where precise temperature and humidity control are paramount. From leafy greens to floriculture, our solutions ensure optimal growing conditions, contributing to the resurgence of indoor farming practices.

At the core of our innovation is a commitment to sustainable construction. Our systems are built to last, featuring sustainable materials that promise durability and longevity. We believe in creating products that endure, and with proper maintenance, our HVACD systems are designed to serve indefinitely, aligning with the timeless principles of quality and reliability.

ZeroCool’s journey from its pioneering days to its current role as a leader in indoor agriculture climate solutions illustrates a narrative of growth, adaptability, and foresight. Our story continues as we evolve, not just in response to the needs of today but anticipating and shaping the future of indoor agriculture across the globe.


RAE Corporation specializes in the design and production of engineered heating, cooling and refrigeration systems. Our corporate goal is to provide expertly designed cooling systems that meet the requirements of our most discerning customers. RAE Corporation manufactures products in five divisions: Technical Systems, Century Refrigeration, Refrigeration Systems, RAE Coils and ZeroCool Systems.

RAE Corporation has been family owned and operated for the entire existence of the company. It was through the vision of six founders that RAE Corporation became a reality in 1971.

The privately-held company has been dedicated to manufacturing compressorized equipment and heat transfer coils for the HVAC, refrigeration and industrial markets.


For over 50 years, we have maintained a founding commitment to our customers and created a Vision for our company striving to achieve Excellence in Our People, Relationships and Products.


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