Make the change from multiple pieces of equipment to one packaged piece of equipment. For the right size facility, packaged equipment can not only be more energy efficient but also provides a much tighter dead band of control, providing the ideal room conditions for your plants and saving your facility money to reinvest into other areas that require attention


Our Air Cooled equipment was designed to be “plug and play.” Once your
equipment size has been selected for each room type, the next focus becomes supplying power and ductwork, it’s that simple. Contractors and end-users also love the attractive total installed cost this plug and play unit provides. Our equipment was engineered with you in mind.


  • CO2 injection for a precise PPM around the clock. Dual solenoids for redundancy is the standard for ZeroCool CO2 injection. Actual CO2 is supplied by others.
  • UV Light filtration, an added layer of security at a time when cleanliness matters most.
  • Sump Pumps, to recycle the water that typically drains to waste. Not all facilities choose to recycle the moisture pulled from the room, but the option exists for those that do.
  • Outside Air pulled into the return plenum for additional room pressurization. This air passes through MERV filtration and potentially UV light filtration before ever entering your room.
  • Electric Heat, for morning warm up if necessary. Our equipment (without this heater) is capable of 100% reheat by use of our hot gas reheat coil. Some facilities choose to “warm up” their plants in the morning depending on where the facility is located. If you require electric heat, we provide the option.


  • Pad Mounted
  • Roof Mounted (on curb)
  • Single cabinet or split condenser option available if required
  • Vertical or Horizontal unit footprints


  • 15 HP
  • 30 HP
  • 50 HP
  • 65 HP