Make the change from multiple pieces of equipment to one packaged piece of equipment. For the right size facility, packaged equipment can not only be more energy efficient but also provides a much tighter dead band of control, providing the ideal room conditions for your plants and saving your facility money to reinvest into other areas that require attention


Our Air Cooled equipment was designed to be “plug and play.” Once your
equipment size has been selected for each room type, the next focus becomes supplying power and ductwork, it’s that simple. Contractors and end-users also love the attractive total installed cost this plug and play unit provides. Our equipment was engineered with you in mind.


CO2 Injection:
Enhances plant health and growth by providing optimal CO2 levels.
Note: ZeroCool does not provide CO2 monitoring or exhaust systems for life safety.

Outside Air Integration:
Allows for fresh air intake to maintain air quality and balance indoor environment.

Smoke Detector Integration:
Ensures safety by detecting smoke and triggering appropriate responses.

Low Ambient Head Pressure Control:
Maintains system efficiency and performance in cooler outdoor conditions.

High Ambient Head Pressure Control:
Ensures reliable operation in hotter climates by managing refrigerant pressure.

Condensate Pumps for Water Reclaim:
Allows for the collection and reuse of condensate water, promoting sustainability.

Interior Lighting Options:
Provides integrated lighting solutions for convenience and efficiency.

65k SCCR Electrical Panel Rating:
Ensures high short-circuit current rating for enhanced electrical safety and reliability.

UV Lights for Bacteria and Mold Control:
Equipped with UV lights to eliminate bacteria and mold in the unit’s drain pans.
Helps to maintain cleanliness and lengthen the life of the coils, ensuring long-term efficiency and reliability.


  • Pad Mounted
  • Roof Mounted (on curb)
  • Single cabinet or split condenser option available if required
  • Fully customizable supply and return duct openings for easy installation


We offer units from 15 tons up to 100 tons in a single packaged unit. Larger facilities can utilize multiple unit room solutions.