ZeroCool Systems are purpose built and designed specifically for indoor farming, this is not re-purposed equipment. We have been in the climate control business for almost 50 years and spent six years developing equipment specifically for the cannabis market.

Complete System Design

Mastering the climate within Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA) is pivotal to cultivating vibrant and healthy plants. The linchpin of successful CEA is precision environmental control, which directly influences plant vitality, growth rates, and resilience to diseases and mold. Achieving this precise control involves harmonizing advanced room construction with the complex demands of CEA operations.

ZeroCool Systems are innovatively engineered for the multifaceted nature of indoor agriculture. Our equipment transcends traditional uses, drawing upon five decades of climate control expertise and a keen understanding of the design criteria essential to CEA. We have honed our systems to address the full gamut of indoor farming needs, from small-scale operations to expansive growth facilities.

Our hot gas reheat technology is adept at fine-tuning the critical balance between temperature and humidity, accommodating diverse CEA parameters such as building design, watering rates, lighting, plant counts, and room sizes. Programmable controls allow cultivators to dial in exacting specifications, ensuring that each variable is aligned for peak efficiency and plant performance, day or night.

Precision is at the core of our design philosophy. Variability in environmental conditions—even slight—can have a profound impact on yield and operational profitability. ZeroCool Systems provide a safeguard against these fluctuations, enabling growers to maintain stringent control and, in turn, reap bountiful, healthy harvests.

In addition to precise environmental regulation, ZeroCool Systems contribute to a sustainable CEA practice by integrating energy-efficient technologies. Our EC Variable Speed/Direct Drive fans and DC variable speed compressors with CoreSense Technology optimize energy use across all operating conditions, significantly lowering energy expenditure.

Understanding that CEA will continue to evolve, particularly as regulatory landscapes shift, ZeroCool Systems positions its partners at the forefront of compliance readiness. With our systems, growers are equipped to adapt to changes swiftly, ensuring their practices remain both sustainable and profitable in the face of evolving industry standards.

We design our systems precisely to the set points you are trying to maintain in your facility. Every 1°F or 1% humidity point you deviate from your set point, can affect your yield and lose you thousands of dollars. Your ZeroCool System will pay for itself with what you save by having precise temperature and humidity control.

ZeroCool Systems offer lower energy costs by having EC Variable Speed/Direct Driven fans. The fans are equipped with flow measurement for reduced flow operation and CFM tracking/reporting. The system also has superior part load efficiency throughout all operating ranges by using DC variable speed compressors with CoreSense Technology. By eliminating auxiliary reheat, the system has lower operating costs.

We believe it is a matter of time before marijuana becomes federally legal. When it does, the FDA will have a stronghold on how business is done. At ZeroCool Systems, we have experience with government regulation agencies and our customers will be prepared for any necessary changes.


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